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This week I had the opportunity to share my journey into tech with the Coding Black Females community. If you'd like to hear how I changed careers, along with the many trials and tribulations, the recording of the event can be viewed on youtube.

If you're learning to code, there are a variety of free and paid resources available online. I mentioned a few resources during the event. In this post, I have compiled a full list of free resources I used when learning to code. I used these during the first 12 months of my journey, before becoming an intern at 8th Light.

During this period, I lacked direction and structure, jumping from resource to resource. I've compiled the list in a somewhat logical order, starting from getting familar with the command line, to Ruby.

Note: I completed the majority of the courses below, but not every single one.

Command Line

Shell Workshop

  • Get up to speed on the shell — using a terminal, managing files and directories, and running command-line programs.
  • Access the course on Udacity

Linux Command Line Basics

Git and Github

Version Control With Git

How To Use Git and Github

Github and Collaboration


FreeCodeCamp is a fantastic resource. I used it as a curriculum during my journey. Although the exercises were good, I needed a bit more in order to understand the concepts. This is why I supplemented it with the resources below. There are projects to complete at the end of each section, which is great if you're wondering what projects to create to practise and demonstrate your learning. Access FreeCodeCamp here: www.freecodecamp.com.


Learn HTML

Intro to HTML and CSS

  • Learn the fundamentals web development, along with best practices and professional problem-solving techniques using Developer Tools.
  • Access the course on Udacity


Learn CSS

Responsive Web Design fundamentals

Responsive images


The jump from CSS to JavaScript was quite challenging for me. The resources below helped with understanding the language and various concepts.

Introduction to JavaScript

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript and The DOM

Practical JavaScript (project idea)


  • Train on a variety of JavaScript katas to solidify your learning.
  • Codewars


  • Ruby is a high-level programming language. I found it really nice to use after struggling with JavaScript. I started learning Ruby to apply to Makers Academy (spoiler alert: I didn't get in). Learning Ruby came in handy, as I have used it during the intership and apprenticeship at 8th Light.

Learn Ruby

Learn to Program Book

Learn Ruby The Hard Way Book


  • Train on a variety of Ruby katas to solidify your learning.
  • Codewars

Project Ideas

What now? Build stuff! Put your new skills into action. Here are a few sites to find project ideas:

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