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Learn To Code Using Free Resources
A collection of free resources I used when learning to code
What Is The Open / Closed Principle?
Exploring the Open / Closed SOLID Principle, with examples of adhering to and violating the principle
What Is The Interface Segregation Principle?
Exploring interfaces, the principle in action, with examples of adhering to and violating the principle
What Is Abstraction In Object-Oriented Programming?
A short blog post on my understanding of abstraction
What Is The Template Method Design Pattern?
Exploring the template method design pattern, with examples
What Are Interfaces, Abstract And Concrete Classes?
Exploring the use of interfaces, and classes with examples
What Is The Liskov Substitution Principle?
What Is The Dependency Inversion Principle?
Creating An Unbeatable Computer Player Using Minimax
Testing Output With RSpec
The Red Green Refactor Cycle
What Is The Single Responsibility Principle?
Using the example of a Tic Tac Toe game to explain the principle
How To Mock API Calls In Jest
How To Deploy A Web App To Heroku
A step-by-step guide to deploying a web app to Heroku, using the example of my weather manager app
An Introduction To JSON
Learning about storing data in JSON format
Testing User Input With Rspec
How to simulate multiple inputs in RSpec
What Is Dependency Injection?
How I used dependency injection when creating a tic tac toe game
Creating A Hangman Game With Ruby
Testing output with RSpec, grasping Ruby classes, and self care